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Kisses by Step Into Life Socks

The longing for love and acceptance, isn't that what we celebrate on Valentine's Day? This year, lock your lips with your one and only and give an original gift, Kisses by Step Into Life Socks. (You're free to leave the chocolates and flowers to the less creative characters.)

The foundation of Kisses is a vibrant, passionate red! (Would you have expected anything less?!) The body of the sock is emblazoned with Xs and Os that exemplify your romantic longings. The Xs are comprised of crisp, cardinal red rays offset with a contrasting majestic maroon. To optimize the ocular impact, the Os boast a vivid fuchsia on the outer ring with a maroon center. (And yes, the pattern alternates as it works its way around the leg of the sock. Good eye!) The toe and heel are beautifully adorned with a vivacious fuchsia. Lastly, the cuff is topped off with a bold maroon.

Kisses go with Hugs and any outfit that you're looking to spice up with these attention-garnering colors! Kisses and Hugs ensure that snuggling in bed is so much sweeter and the complementary colors make mixing and matching the socks a time of exploration and excitement!

These mid-calf socks employ a comfort-inducing compression arch as well as a Y-shaped heel contour to help prevent bunching and over-stretching. The snug yet pleasant cuff keeps you (and your socks) looking lovely all day long!

Step Into Life Socks are made in the USA!

Designed in Colorado. Knit in North Carolina of 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, and 5% Spandex on 156 needle machines.