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Words like honor and integrity are easy to use but the application of those principles can really test the mettle of one's soul. Deep within you know that honor is a foundation of who you are and not simply an anachronism from days of old. Don your pair of Honor from Step Into Life Socks when expressing your personal integrity is paramount.

A classic striped sock employing vibrant hues takes the color blue to the next level! Boasting a rich navy foundation, the harbor blue swath accentuates the arch of your foot. Bright, vivacious turquoise and vivid stripes of royal blue offer highlights that keep the compliments flowing. The white stripes offer an eye-catching contrast to keep your admirers in awe.

Honor pairs expertly with a navy blue suit when you're looking to make a statement or with a crisp pair of raw denim when you're heading out for relaxing libations with great company.

These mid-calf socks employ a comfort-inducing compression arch as well as a Y-shaped heel contour to help prevent bunching and over-stretching. The snug yet pleasant cuff keeps you (and your socks) looking sharp throughout the day!

Step Into Life Socks are made in the USA!

Designed in Colorado. Knit in North Carolina of 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, and 5% Spandex on 156 needle machines.