As I was preparing to attend my son’s Marine Corps graduation I happened upon a pair of red and black Happy Socks. The design was fun, the colors vivid but the brand name is what really stood out to me, “Happy.” (Can you say the word, “happy” without a smile on your face?) Little did I know what one, simple purchase would set in motion; a fascination with socks, bold and bright.

As my fascination grew, I happened upon an app by the name of Instagram. It was the perfect platform to share my newfound appreciation of colourful socks. Day by day I would showcase my sock collection and more and more followers were signing up to join in the fun. Then the thought occurred to me, “What if I were to host a sock giveaway on my page?” I lingered in doubt for a season, wondering who would want to take a chance on a fledgling account. Much to my surprise, and my delight, vendors were taking me up on my offer to help promote their brands. My excitement and enthusiasm grew! 

It wasn’t long before my imagination began to run wild! “Would it actually be possible to turn my hobby into a business?” “Could I take what I’d learned about and experienced with socks and help others who had an appreciation for the colorful and unique?”

It seemed too good to be true. Although the potential that I saw was exhilarating, doubt crept into my heart and mind and I thought that it was only a childish dream. However, the more I interacted with others in the sock industry and pondered the concept of staring my own business the joy and excitement I felt began to conquer the fears and insecurities. A few conversations with some seasoned business men and I was ready to take the plunge! Lastly, a wise partnership with a brilliant, young entrepreneur set the wheels in motion. What you see before you now is the result of years of wearing and learning about socks combined with months of planning and preparation. 

Would you have ever thought that a single pair of socks could be so life-changing? It is my hope that by wearing fun socks that you too will be inspired to engage in life; to step into the unknown; to face your fears! The choice of a simple accessory, socks, allows you to express yourself; who you are, how you are feeling. That freedom of self-expression is what I want for you.

Step Into Life Socks was born out of a desire to help others by sharing life, spreading joy and offering encouragement. Take your first step into a new life today, pick up a pair of amazing, colorful socks and be inspired to follow you dreams; to step into life!

Warmest regards, 

P.S. Step Into Life Socks are made in America! Designed in Colorado & knit in North Carolina.